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Response To Occupational Health Hazards

RRP $363.99

What are the effects of industry upon the health of employees? This enormously complex question involves historical, social, political, and scientific issues--and has a major impact on national policy decisions and regulatory activities. This unique book explores the history of occupational disease in the American workplace. Beginning with the centuries-old belief of disease as an acceptable and unavoidable by-product of industrial expansion, it moves to current methods of diagnosis, control and prevention. You will find in-depth coverage of:<br> * the growth of federal responsibility for occupational risks<br> * the evolution of mandatory health standards<br> * risk assessment and federal policy 1970-1990<br> * case studies of lead, asbestos, vinyl chloride, silicosis and byssinosis and steps taken to control or eliminate these conditions<br> Although the exact numbers are disputed, the Office of Technology Assessment today estimates about 6,000 deaths annually due to workplace injuries and about 100,000 deaths due to occupational illness. This book is vital for all physicians, industrial hygienists, safety professionals, nurses, lawyers, government policy makers, and others who are continually working to reduce these figures. It points the way to better methods of detection and control.innovative diagnostic techniques.improved epidemiological methodology.and a full understanding of government, labor and management's responsibilities to the health of their workers.

Group Technology And Cellular Manufacturing

RRP $931.99

Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing (GT/CM) have been widely-researched areas in the past 15 years and much progress has been made in all branches of GT/CM. Resulting from this research activity has been a proliferation of techniques for part-machine grouping, engineering data bases, expert system-based design methods for identifying part families, new analytical and simulation tools for evaluating performance of cells, new types of cell incorporating robotics and flexible automation, team-based approaches for organizing the work force and much more; however, the field lacks a careful compilation of this research and its outcomes. The editors of this book have commissioned leading researchers and implementers to prepare specific treatments of topics for their special areas of expertise in this broad-based philosophy of manufacturing. The editors have sought to be global both in coverage of topic matters and contributors. Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing addresses the needs and interests of three groups of individuals in the manufacturing field: academic researchers, industry practitioners, and students. (1) The book provides an up-to-date perspective, incorporating the advances made in GT/CM during the past 15 years. As a natural extension to this research, it synthesizes the latest industry practices and outcomes to guide research to greater real-world relevance. (2) The book makes clear the foundations of GT/CM from the core elements of new developments which are aimed at reducing developmental and manufacturing lead times, costs, and at improving business quality and performance. (3) Finally, the book can be used as a textbook for graduate students in engineering and management for studying the field of Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing.

Upper Sweetheart Lake Fun Book

RRP $13.99

DISCOVER:: FUN on the lake. This body of water is a true gem. Now you can work your way through the majestic shores that make this lake so special. Fun for all ages. Share the gift of Lake Fun with someone you love today. ***Limited Time Discount Offer!*** ***Regular Price $12.99*** · · ***Plus, As a Special Thank-you for buying this Book Today, You Will Receive FREE puzzles and games inside the book*** · · Do you want to see a side of the lake a child rarely gets to see? Do you or a child you love need to express their creative side while enjoying a fun cultural experience? Read on to find out more about how this book can solve your problem Buy:: The one and only Lake Fun Coloring Book Here's a preview of what you'll find inside this book: · · Fisherman First Aid Kit Tent Sleeping Bag Beach Towell Fish Net Flippers Boat Paddle Hat Visor Swim Trunks Bikini Radio Playing Music Life jacket Rafts Knee Board Tubes Friends Fire Wood Camp Fire Grill Sun Screen Lotion Money Drinks Goggles Wake board Ski Rope Anchor Bug repellent Beach Chairs Binoculars Book Playing Cards Cooler Coozie Camera Snacks Tackle Box Fishing Rod Worms Cricket Water Shoes Skipping Rocks Water bottle Floaties Swim Noodle Dry Clothes Phone Trash Bag Toilet Paper Paper Towels Watermelon Lantern Flash light Boat light Ski rope Bobber Fishing Hook Catfish Bluegill Turtle Minnow Crickett Water Snake Duck Pelican Seagull Frog Large Mouth Bass Small Mouth Bass Trout Laptop Computer Tablet Swim Cap Nose plug Fish food Bag of ice Dog Pop sickle Marshmallows Chocolate Graham crackers Smores Canoe Kayak Paddlebaord Flip flops Lake Map Swim Noodle And much, much more! Want to Know More? Scroll to the top of the page and select the "BUY" button for instant purchase. Buy Your Copy Right Now!

What Maketh A Man

RRP $9.89


To the external observer, there was nothing extraordinary about him; he had lived what would seem, to the disinterested, a very normal, almost boring life, a steady job, an unremarkable upbringing in a non-descript town by almost-invisible parents, brothers, and sisters. He had gone to school without creating, or even leaving any kind of impression upon his fellow students, indeed, any of those he had known would have great difficulty in remembering him at all.

But all this was part of his skill and subtle strength. Although he had known immediately he was different in some way, right from his very smallest beginnings, he had the innate sense to realise that he had to hide his true self, blend in, keep a low profile at all times, for he knew that the outsider in society is never made welcome, that he would easily become a target for those who do not readily welcome the different.

For he was different. Yet even he himself did not have any idea of the full powers he possessed, at least until that terrible day in August when everything in his life changed forever.

Six men. They had killed his children and raped and abused his young wife before also ending her time in this World. The life that he thought he knew was destroyed, completely vanished as if it had never been. He was left suddenly alone, more alone than he had ever thought possible. Even his loved ones had not truly known who he was, what he was deep inside, but his beloved family were the only beings in existence who had kept him this side of sanity, considering all that had been going on secretly inside his head, his private thoughts of his status on this small planet, and all the confusion surrounding who he really was, what he was.

But all that was changed. Since that terrible day, he had become someone else, his real self was made fully known to him, and there was nothing left to hold him back, to prevent his destiny. As he solitarily walked through the dead leaves of yet another fading year, the wind gathered the leaves around his feet and howled, as if in fear and mourning of what was yet to come.

They would face the full wrath of his Potential.

Once Upon A Cowboy

RRP $17.99

A princess on-the-run finds sanctuary where she least expects it... After nearly dying in an assassination attempt, Princess Alessandra of Glorvaird escapes to a place no one would ever think to look for her: small town Oklahoma and a ranch staffed by a herd of wooly, uncouth cowboys. One cowboy in particular gets under her skin, until she sees his softer side. She knows this interlude can't last forever, but that doesn't stop her from wishing it might... Former Navy SEAL Gideon Hale might've rescued the princess from freezing to death, but the soldier doesn't trust easily-or at all-especially when his gut tells him Alessandra is keeping secrets. But as Alessandra begins to fit into his life, he discovers another side to the princess-one that he can't help but like. When Alessandra's enemies close in, Gideon must fight to save the woman who has become so much more than a princess... "Once Upon a Cowboy" is a contemporary western retelling of the Snow White fairytale and Book 1 in the Cowboy Fairytales series. Other books include: Cowboy Charming The Toad Prince


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