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Wake Up To A Life Of Abundance

RRP $536.99

An ultimate hands-on guide for newbie real estate investors"5,000 LIKEs on Facebook Fan Page https: //"Have you had a dream to become rich? Would you like to start investing so that you can enjoy your retirement without worrying about money? Have you been interested in real estate investing but have not started yet since you have been scared? Wake Up to A Life of Abundance will cover comprehensive topics required to be successful: 1. Walk you through real life Single Family Home investment case study in New Jersey from making an offer to closing on a deal 2. Cover potential pitfalls you need to avoid 3. Illustrate how to evaluate Fair Market Value 4. Explain how to evaluate investment opportunities 5. Describe the importance of partnership 6. Touch on a paper side of investment 7. Introduce how unconventional transactions workGreat starter-kit for newbie investorsThe most important lesson you will learn from Wake up to a Life of Abundance is courage to go out and conduct your first deal. The author's experience would inspire newbie inspires to take actionGreat refresher for seasoned investorsAs a seasoned investor, you may want to keep Wake up to a Life of Abundance on your bookshelf so that you can review investment formula and techniques any time.Educational material for realtorsSome realotrs make a killing only by supporting seasoned investors. In order to meet investors' needs, every realtor needs to understand how investors views investment opportunities. Wake up to a Life of Abundance will give realtors a solid base for real estate investing.Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Why Aren't You Fired Up

RRP $18.99

A look at how to use the leadership attributes we have innately built in to create a better work and personal relationship environment for ourselves. We express value and guidance through the presence of clarity and self-worth. The absence of training in the development of our mind and our thoughts will be discussed and make applicable to our transformation of ourselves. We are all leaders driven to accomplish certain assignments and this book with help to discover the internal qualities necessary to change to become great leaders. This book will encourage you to maintain your commitment to success in whatever role in life exists for you. You will be galvanized and instructed to pass previous boundaries. The book is enlightening and inspiring. It has a spiritual vision that is effective to each individual.

Up The Mountain

RRP $15.99

Magic isn't the only legacy Mr. Ian Johns wants for his bickering sons. The Postmaster hoped the boys would bond during a family trip, but they twist his vacation plans into a race. Ewan, Zane, and Ganix soon find themselves far from home, facing choices that are far from easy. Three routes stretch from coast to coast. The rules: each brother--and his two companions--must check in at post offices along their route. At these waypoints, they stamp in with their personal seal and report their progress by postcard.

Ganix has a gift for making friends and for making mischief. Book #4, Up the Mountain finds the youngest Johns brother making good time. Sure that he's way ahead of his older brothers, he takes a break from racing. Peachtree City's upcoming festival sounds like fun. But one little accident leads to big trouble, and it's up to Ganix to make things right. The Byways books are a coming-of-age story times three with an educational twist. The storyline includes a states-based geography quest.

Welcome to Liberty: Big cities and hill-country outposts thrive on busy byways, but people are scarce in the Wilds, where mythical creatures are alive and well. Folks commonly use lanterns to light their homes, and peace is kept by rangers on horseback. In the Byways books, readers will encounter dragons, griffins, river monsters, and rogue magicians.

Magic is a rare trait that runs in families. Some magical gifts are quite useful; others are downright quirky. Like the talent inherited by members of the Johns family. They're Changers who can take the form of an animal. Not that magic will make winning the race any easier for Ewan, Zane, and Ganix.

Educational Twist: Each of the Byways books is tied to one of the fifty states and borrows from its history and geography--icons, mottos, landmarks, people, places, and famous firsts. They're hidden throughout the story, turning the series into one long game of hide-and-seek. At the end of each Byways book, there's a master list that covers everything from the state tree to the state insect. Nicknames, sports teams, state heroes, and national parks also find their way into the story. States are covered in order of ratification. Up the Mountain takes its cues from "The Peach State," Georgia.

Chart your course to, where readers can stamp into the Waypoint Log and take part in a very special Hometown Challenge.


"There's a reason no one but the rangers go up there," Trudie whispered.

"Really?" Ganix asked, curious now. Maybe there were lions or wildcats in the surrounding hills.

"Nobody braves the trip because of Old Man Benning," Rebecca said in a low voice. "They say that he has magic!"

Ganix couldn't understand why the girls seemed so nervous. "Is that bad?"

The girls looked at each other, and then Trudie said, "You know what they say. It's dangerous as dragons to mix mankind and magic."

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

RRP $16.99

Up until recently, there was very little that one could do to spruce up bath time apart from the usual bottle of bubble bath or bath salts (as well as the odd yellow rubber duck). Then bath bombs came onto the market, and bubble baths would never be the same again. Traditionally round (though one can also get them in the shape of a star, heart, candy cane, or even their favorite anime character), brightly-colored, and full of all sorts of surprises from the "sedate" glitter and confetti to the more over-the-top plastic flowers and/or toy figurines, the powdery balls of wonder soon fizzed their way into the hearts of many avid bathers. With their great shows of sparkling fizz and their intoxicating cocktails of uplifting and relaxing scents, bath bombs did more than just turn the bath water a vibrant shade of pink or green: they turned each bubble bath into an occasion. Unfortunately, the rather high-price tag of most bath bombs put others off giving the experience a go. Spending nearly ten bucks on a trinket that would dissolve in seconds (not to mention go down the drain with the bath water) simply does not make sense to a lot of people. Thus, bath bombs became a bit of an impractical, unattainable luxury. Until now, that is. This book reveals the basic ingredients and rather simple process behind they typical bath bomb, and presents a tantalizing array of bath bomb recipes that can all be made at home for a fraction of their retail cost. So, whether one is looking for a way to up the ante of their bathing experience or for alternative homemade gifts that are sure to impress just about anyone, this book is a great way to get initiated into the wonderful world of bath bombs.

Twice Upon A Time

RRP $24.99

The girl's been asleep for a hundred years. The boy's got issues of his own. There are two sides to every story....

It's not easy being Princess Rose. Especially when a fairy curses you and you find yourself avoiding all sharp objects . . . and then end up pricking your finger anyway, causing you to slumber for a hundred years or so.

And it's not easy being The Prince. Especially when your mother has some ogre blood and tends to chow down at the most unfortunate moments. A walk in the woods would help, you think. Until you find a certain hidden castle . . . and a certain sleeping princess. Happily ever after? Not until the prince helps the princess awaken . . . and brings her home to Mother.

Journey back to the days when fairy tales were true with this fun and fresh spin on a timeless tale!


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