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Why Aren't You Fired Up

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A look at how to use the leadership attributes we have innately built in to create a better work and personal relationship environment for ourselves. We express value and guidance through the presence of clarity and self-worth. The absence of training in the development of our mind and our thoughts will be discussed and make applicable to our transformation of ourselves. We are all leaders driven to accomplish certain assignments and this book with help to discover the internal qualities necessary to change to become great leaders. This book will encourage you to maintain your commitment to success in whatever role in life exists for you. You will be galvanized and instructed to pass previous boundaries. The book is enlightening and inspiring. It has a spiritual vision that is effective to each individual.

Mass Uprisings In The Ussr

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Until recent times, incidents of mass unrest in the USSR were shrouded in official secrecy. Now this pioneering work by historian Vladimir A. Kozlov has opened up these hidden chapters of Soviet history. It details an astonishing variety of widespread mass protest in the post-Stalin period, including workers' strikes, urban riots, ethnic and religious confrontations, and soldiers' insurrections. Kozlov has drawn on exhaustive research in police, procuracy, KGB, and Party archives to recreate the violent major uprisings described in this volume. He traces the historical context and the sequence of events leading up to each mass protest, explores the demographic and psychological dynamics of the situation, and examines the actions and reactions of the authorities. This painstaking analysis reveals that many rebellions were not so much anti-communist as essentially conservative in nature, directed to the defense of local norms being disturbed by particular instances of injustice or by the rash of Krushchev-era reforms. This insight makes the book valuable not only for what it tells us about postwar Soviet history, but also for what it suggests about contemporary Russian society as well as popular protests in general.

The Supreme Court In A Separation Of Powers System

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The U.S. Supreme Court is not a unitary actor and it does not function in a vacuum. It is part of an integrated political system in which its decisions and doctrine must be viewed in a broader context. In some areas, the Court is the lead policy maker. In other areas, the Court fills in the gaps of policy created in the legislative and executive branches. In either instance, the Supreme Court's work is influenced by and in turn influences all three branches of the federal government as well as the interests and opinions of the American people.

Pacelle analyzes the Court's interaction in the separation of powers system, detailing its relationship to the presidency, Congress, the bureaucracy, public opinion, interest groups, and the vast system of lower courts. The niche the Court occupies and the role it plays in American government reflect aspects of both the legal and political models. The Court has legal duties and obligations as well as some freedom to exercise its collective political will. Too often those studying the Court have examined it in isolation, but this book urges scholars and students alike to think more broadly and situate the highest court as the "balance wheel" in the American system.

Make-up In Disguise

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Learn about the history of make-up, where it come from and learn about the poisonous chemicals they put in make-ups that causes cancer. This research has been reported by a Harvard Graduate Student to help his fellow Americans to spread the news before its too late. The truth is, there are better make-ups out there, which is a healthy lifestyle.

Put Up Thy Sword A Study Of War

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Put up thy sword. A study of war (1900). This book, "Put up thy sword A study of war," by James Henry MacLaren, is a replication of a book originally published before 1900. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.


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