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A Once Upon A Time Tale

RRP $14.99

In Storybrooke, Maine, Emma Swan and Mary Margaret Blanchard are friends and roommates. They're united in their mission to make life better for Henry, Emma's young son, who has been raised by Storybrooke's vicious mayor, Regina Mills. However, things are not as they seem, for all those in Storybrooke are fairy-tale characters exiled from their enchanted land by an evil curse.

International Perspectives On Support For Trafficked Women

RRP $398.99

Human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution and sexual exploitation has received a great deal of attention at national and international policy level. However, most of the focus has been on the criminal aspects of human trafficking and crime prevention, with little more than rhetoric around how to provide protection and assistance services to its victims. This innovative volume begins to open up the vital area of how best to support trafficked women.

Providing an in-depth discussion of what good practice in this area might consist in, the book develops quality of care indicators, drawing on key principles of human rights, gender sensitivity, inter-agency partnership, participation and empowerment. The indicators include: knowledge-based practice, accessibility, acceptability, effectiveness and openness, continuity of care, confidentiality and privacy, information and choice and monitoring and evaluation. It then uses a comparative perspective in order to explore how service provision for trafficked women has been arranged, looking at the experience of countries such as the US, the Netherlands, Australia and Germany before focusing in more detail on the UK, Italy and Ireland. The book ends by suggesting a model for good practice based on both the theoretical and comparative contributions.

Looking at human trafficking in an international context, this important work will interest academics, researchers and advanced students working in the areas of human trafficking and sexual exploitation from a range of social science backgrounds. It will also support the work of practitioners and policymakers responsible for providing services to victims of trafficking.

Add To Cart Tuneup

RRP $12.99

Your ecommerce website probably is a gold vein waiting to be mined, but in order to get those "nuggets" out, you need a good map.

Add to Cart Tuneup will be your guide for this expedition.

Don't buy into the idea that having millions of people visit your web store will make your cash register ring non-stop. If your site is not optimized to sell those prospects, all you have is website visitors. You need to convert them to customers, if you want to make money.

In this book, self-made web entrepreneur Luis Hernandez, Jr., shares valuable lessons he learned over 15 years of trial and error.

Back in "good ol' days," (ci. 1994), before most people had even heard about the Internet or the World Wide Web, Luis was busy at work trying to figure out how to build and launch a website, and by 1997 he opened the cyber doors to his online bookstore.

What started in the 3rd bedroom of his Central Florida home, was destined to grow and expand at a fast pace, and by the time Luis sold his online bookstore in early 2013, the business had grown considerably and relocated twice, with the last move in 2005 to a custom-built air-conditioned warehouse employing five people and having served more than 600,000 customers by the end of 2012.

Quite an accomplishment considering that Luis' webstore competitors included retail and book-selling giants such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, to name only two of the largest ones.

As Luis likes to say, "You can't help it but learn a thing or two about ecommerce in 15 years." But that "thing or two" actually translated into sixty valuable lessons and tips on how to optimize a retail web store in order to maximize sales.

What took Luis a decade-and-a-half to test, tweak, test again, prove, and learn, has been condensed into this book.

No fluff. No bells and whistles. This is a distilled, nuts-and-bolts, hands-on, no-nonsense guide to an "overnight" success formula, 15 years in the making.

If by implementing just one idea from this book, your web store captures a single additional sale every other day, your return on investment will be nothing short of incredible.

What would happen then if you were able to implement 5 ideas from this book?

Luis discovered early on in his career that it was much easier to spend time and effort learning what it took to motivate existing website visitors to make a purchase, rather than chasing traffic. So while other merchants wasted time and resources trying to generate more visitors, Luis made money!

At the end of the day it is not about being able to brag about how many people visited your store. It's about generating revenues and profits.

Use Add to Cart Tuneup to turn website visitors into paying customers.

Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy

RRP $18.99

Keith struggles with his intense longing to have sex with Roger, his handsome, straight roommate and good friend. Roger's suspicious, overbearing and meddling older brothers take a big interest in protecting baby brother's vulnerable ass from his horny gay roommate. Through a mixture of intimidation and life-coaching, the brothers endeavor to shift Keith's attention to a more suitable recipient by helping him find a blind date with a gay man. Trouble ensues as Keith's love life takes a number of unexpected twists and turns. Warning: this novel and the accompanying short stories include significant adult content.

Jupiter's Corner

RRP $13.99

A compelling short story about Hugh Lang and his discovery of the small community of Jupiter's Corner. He referred to it as a 'safe place'; a place located east of Savannah, Georgia, where a Negro family felt safe from the oppression of racism in 1927. Here he married Anna Mae Bacon, they worshiped together at the New Hope Baptist Church, they raised their children, and they purchased land to add to their small spread. Fast forward to 2010 and Hugh is now buried in the New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery. Anna Mae is 98 years old and of sound mind. She has held a secret for more than fifty years and decided to share it with her great great granddaughter. By the end of her story she makes a decision that will change the lives of her entire family.


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